Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SUSAN: What NOT to Read on an Airplane

I travel a lot for work.  My e-reader has become my savior for these trips...especially my 5+ hour cross country or international flights.  But, I've come to find that there are certain books you should avoid on such travels:

  • You'll always be glancing at your neighbor next to you hoping he doesn't see what you're reading.
  • The steamy scenes can cause for some "uncomfortable" moments where quick escapes to the lavatory are necessary but difficult to accomplish
  • It's not attractive to sit with your mouth open, jaw dropped in front of strangers
  • We don't always carry kleenex and those airplane cocktail napkins are tiny
  • Ugly crying face...'nuff said
  • You forgot you're wearing headphones...and everyone can hear you laugh! You don't want to be "that crazy woman" in seat ##.
  • Between the take off and landing issues when you have to power down, it's like torture having to leave your story in the middle of the BEST part. *sigh*

I think everything else is fair game.  

SPECIAL ALERT: You may find yourself tempted, but at all costs, stay away from "Fifty Shades" and "The Siren" while traveling.  Learn from my mistakes.  Trust me.

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