Thursday, August 23, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW - "Surrender" by Pamela Clare

Iain MacKinnon
Anne Burness Campbell

From Goodreads A hand-picked cadre of warriors, they had the fierce courage of their Scots forefathers, combined with the stealth and cunning of the Indians who lived beside them in the wilderness. Battling the French in a no-holds-barred combat, they forged a new brand of honor, became a new breed of men...MacKinnon's Rangers

Iain MacKinnon had been forced to serve the British crown, but compassion urged him to save the lovely lass facing certain death at the hands of the Abenaki. He'd defied his orders, endangered his brothers, his men and his mission, all for a woman. But when he held Annie's sweet body in his arms, he could feel no regret. Though he sensed she was hiding something from him, it was too late to hold back his heart. In love and war, there are times when the only course of action is...Surrender


Warm, rich and satisfying. Sounds like a great cup of coffee or a really good read. 

Pamela Clare has a great skill in balancing the romance with a great story. I haven't read a historical romance in awhile and had forgotten how a reader can be transported into another world. I wouldn't share this with my history professors but some of my knowledge came from my obsession with historical romances as a teen. Ms. Clare writes a truly engrossing story about honor, redemption, betrayal and love. There are plenty of steamy scenes to satisfy this romance junkie; action abounds as it is set in the middle of the French and Indian War and is populated by some hot alpha males mostly in the form of the Mackinnon brothers. 

Perfectly fulfilling. That reminds me I need to load up on some Starbucks after staying up this late and will grab the next book in the series while I'm at it.


If you have never read a historical romance, this is an excellent example of how it is done. 

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