Thursday, August 23, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW - "Ride With Me" by Ruthie Knox

Tom Geiger
Lexie Marshall


Lexie Marshall is living her life long dream of completing the TransAmerica Trail: A bike ride from the shores of Oregon to the beaches of Virginia. Only she doesn’t want to do it alone and advertises for a cycling partner. Tom Geiger works at a bicycle shop as a repairman and is looking forward to taking another one of this extreme bike trips across the US … oh, and his sister has answered the Lexie’s ad on his behalf unbeknownst to him. After a rough beginning, Tom begrudging agrees to temporarily ride with Lexie. And as the saying goes, Beware: That which is temporary often becomes permanent. 


Ruthie Knox is the quintessential romance writer. This book, like the others I’ve read by her, are sweet and satisfying. The drama in this book does not come from a dangerous stalker or a kidnapping. Often times the worst issue facing her characters is that they are too much in their own heads, getting in the way of their own romance. 

I enjoyed this book for the characters and story. Lexie and Tom are extremely likeable characters. As the pages turn, the reader begins to understand why Tom seems so stand-offish, why he keeps himself from living life fully. But as Lexie discovers, sometimes despite himself he is sweet at the core. Don’t get me wrong, he is plenty alpha too, but it doesn’t take too much for that sweet to surface. We also discover why Lexie is so reserved and gunshy with relationships. So, we have two mutually attracted characters holding each other at arms-length. It is wonderful to see them resolve their issues. 


“They were stuck with each other, companions who couldn’t work out how to be more and couldn’t stand to be less.” 

This is a book that is not overdone, but gives the reader a quiet sense of satisfaction.

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