Sunday, August 12, 2012

SUSAN: Goodreads - Social Network for Book Nerds :)

Working in digital media, and being an enthusiast of all-things digital start-ups, I quickly latched onto once my reading itch became an epidemic. Despite its terrible UX design, it's "over capacity" issues, and a host of other bugs, Goodreads is a godsend to those looking for a social connection to other readers.  

Thanks to Oprah, book clubs have sprung up all over the world and taken on lives of their own!  Readers are deeply effected by books and they want to talk about it and share with others and be rest-assured that they're not crazy by being so deeply connected to characters and stories!

Goodreads allows for this.  I've found lots of other "friends" around the globe who share my interest in romance books...and have even opened me up to genres I didn't know I would/could enjoy!  I've found tons of book recommendations and have even befriended authors themselves...who also seem to be big readers...go figure!

Here are the links to our Goodreads pages: 


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