Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Softly at Sunrise" by Maya Banks

Ethan and Rachel Kelly


This story takes place after the first book in which Rachel and Ethan are reunited after a year-long separation in which they are on their way to a divorce when Rachel is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Ethan spends the year thinking she is dead and regretting every action that led up to him presenting divorce papers to Rachel right before she leaves for her humanitarian mission. Of course, her kidnapping is no accident and soon she is targeted again while on hometurf and it is up to Ethan and his brothers of the Kelly Group International (KGI) to save the day. 

As you can imagine, being held hostage, drugged up for an entire year can leave a girl a little emotionally fragile. Especially since Rachel lost some of her memory, specifically those events leading up to her departure. When she does slowly start to remember, the memories are emotionally fresh and she is stung by their immediacy. She has a difficult time opening up and trusting Ethan and part of their story in the first book is him trying to win her back.

I am so glad that Maya Banks decided that Ethan and Rachel had more to their story to tell. Her KGI series is a favorite and Ethan and Rachel’s story is nearly at the top because of its emotional force. The follow up novella, Softly at Sunrise keeps that punch going. 

If you haven’t already read The Darkest Hour, I highly recommend that you do before reading this sequel. I don’t think that you will appreciate the edgy emotional state of the characters without it. 

The emotional background is why this book is so poignant. I can’t speak about the plot without giving away spoilers, but needless to say, the story works. Rachel still has some uncertainty and Ethan still has residual guilt, but this is a story about redemption and moving forward after an extreme trauma And of course, because this IS part of the KGI series, there has to be a suspense element in it as well. This novella is like getting an extended Epilogue to The Darkest Hour.


This book touches the heart and leaves us fans with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that this couple is going to continue their Happily Ever After.

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