Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW - "The Hunter" by Gennita Low

The Hunter is Book 2 in the Crossfire series.  The book picks up where The Protector left off.  Navy SEAL Commander Hawk McMillan is deep undercover trying to locate stolen United States' military grade weapons including a new special weapon with new technology that can avoid detection.  His target is slave trader, weapons dealer, and all around bad mobster, Dragan Dilaver, a Kosovo kingpin.  Hawk "saves" Dragan in Asia (book 1) and escorts him back home to Velesta, Macedonia.  Needing help to navigate around this unfamiliar territory, McMillan is partnered with Amber Hutchens a contractor for the intelligence community.  

From the get go, The Hunter is a smart, suspenseful and sexy story - everything a reader would want in a romantic suspense.   Hawk McMillan is not only capable, well-trained, and well-sculpted (after all, he is a SEAL). He is also intelligent, kind, compassionate and loving.  As a dealer in information, she is not only a contract operative but a street smart, cheeky, smart-ass heroine.  The highlight of the book is the give and take in their relationship.  There is a balance to the relationship and it is fun.  Did I mention that there interactions are also very sexy and hot?  Yup, definitely scorching.

This is also a story of the on-going exploitation of women and the white slavery trade in the international community.  Gennita Low writes about it in necessary and sometimes uncomfortable detail.  Some of the scenes are bound to stay with me for months.  Her characters spotlight the frustration at the complicity of international forces/organization in the proliferation of sexual slavery.  It is an important story and one that needs and deserves to be told over and over again.

In a Nutshell;
This is a sexy, entertaining and relevant read.  

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