Friday, October 19, 2012

SUSAN: BOOK REVIEW "Finding Zach" Rowan Speedwell

For five years, Zach Tyler, son of one of the worlds richest software moguls, was held hostage, tortured, and abused. When he is rescued at last from the Venezuelan jungle, he is physically and psychologically shattered, but he slowly begins to rebuild the life he should have had before an innocent kiss sent him into hell. His childhood best friend David has lived those years with overwhelming guilt and grief. Every relationship David has tried has fallen apart because of his feelings for a boy he thought dead. When Zach is rescued, David is overjoyedand then crushed when Zach shuts him out. Two years later, David returns home, and he and Zach must come to terms with the rift between them, what they feel for each other, and what their future could hold. But Zach has secrets, and one of them might well destroy their fragile love.

*sigh* Oh, to be loved as David loved Zach. 

“Finding Zach” is a book equal parts horrific, tragic, heartbreaking, sensual, victorious, and loving. It touches on themes of kidnapping, abuse, family, young love, healing, and PTSD. You’d think you’d go dizzy with ALL of that. But, I found myself just feeling FULL at the end…in the best way…

The loveliest part of this book, and the center of everything, is the relationship between Zach (a boy kidnapped and tortured at the age of 15 for 5 years) and David (his longtime friend and the love of his young life). What woo’d me the most was how DEEPLY and COMPLETELY David devoted himself and loved Zach. It’s enough to make both the romantic and the cynic swoon. I felt parts of this book in my heart, in my tears, in my girlie parts, in my toes, and even in my teeth! (I know that sounds weird…but there are nerve ending there! :) )

I had a bit of a struggle with the WHY of how deeply David felt towards Zach…it took but one kiss for him to realize it and then hold on to it for years. Damn…must have been ONE FINE KISS! But, I let it go because the love itself was GLORIOUS (heavens parting, angels singing, gold shining glorious!)


This book is not all roses and sunshine…there are some difficult parts to read…but if you’re up to it, you’ll be rewarded. Highly recommended.

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