Saturday, October 6, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Under Fire: The Admiral" by Rita Henuber

Coast Guard Admiral Gemma Hendrickson has made a career out of flying in and out of dangerous situations, but in her free time she looks forward to more relaxing flights—running medical missions in Ecuador.

Dr. Ben Walsh is young, cocky, and very sexy. He also seems determined to get up close with Gemma. 
Together the two take off on what’s supposed to be a routine trip to a remote village, when their plane is shot down off the coast and Gemma is forced to make an emergency landing.

Hiding in the jungle from a murderous drug cartel, Gemma is determined to use all her skills to get Ben home safely. However, it’s not the drug cartel she fears most, but her emotions and the attraction she feels to the young, sexy, and very talented doctor

This is one of those highly anticipated reads because the first book was so well-balanced and nearly perfect. The best part of this one is that we still have a strong female (and over the age of 50 - Girl power) but the issue she deals with is almost singular: to be or not to be a cougar. Being over 40 myself, I can understand some of the insecurities, but for this book, it was just not enough to carry the whole story. It started off as gang busters but did not have enough drama to sustain itself. 

IN A NUTSHELL:  Although it lacked a compelling dramatic hook, this book is filled with action.  If this is on your TBR (To Be Read) list, keep it,  but I don't know if you need to move it up the order. 

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