Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "For You" by Kristen Ashley

Alexander Colton
February Owens


Alex “Colt” Colton and February Owens are meant to be together. They have known each other since childhood. An act of machination drives them apart … for 22 years. Circumstances and the pressure brought on by a serial killer/stalker brings them back together. But this is more than just a reunion, it is a rekindling. 

This book touched me to the core. Lesson learned - Learning to live with and overcoming regret to allow room to make something even more beautiful. It is a tragedy that Colt and February are kept apart for so many years, but what they have now is a product of that separation. The amazing place they find themselves in today cannot be divorced from the time they spent apart. The people they have become are a direct result of the time they spent in distance - each having the time to mature and develop their own “flavor” so that now that they are together, it is a blending of subtle layers and deep fragrance. It is easy to be wistful for all the time Colt and February lost, but realizing that they are stronger now as a mature couple. 

The action and suspense element is not a sidestory to the romance. Colt and February’s relationship is right in the middle of the rampage of a serial killer/stalker with February as the center of the obsession. Kristen Ashley expertly weaves the fear and terror in with the more tender moments of the relationship. It is supremely balanced. 

The secondary characters: Sully, Jessie, Morrie, Jack and Jackie, are all apart of the cheering squad and give color to the story. Lovely. 


This is a perfect book for the genre. It has action, suspense, crime mystery and a hot, sweet, and at times, heartbreaking romance.  I loved this book. Go read it.

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