Saturday, October 13, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Scorched" by Laura Griffin

Kelsey Quinn
Gage Brewer

Dr. Kelsey Quinn is a leading forensic anthropologist with the Delphi Center.  She investigates deaths via the use of bones.  Lt. Gage Brewer is a Navy SEAL and demolition expert.  They used to be a couple (Unstoppable) but his long deployments and risky career kept them apart.  Now a murder mystery and a terrorist threat brings them together.  (Please use your very best "coming attractions" voiceover voice when reading this aloud).

Lt. Gage Brewer is the chief suspect in the murder of a FBI Agent.  An FBI Agent who is the former fiancee of his ex-girlfriend.  Dr. Kelsey Quinn is on the run. She witnesses the murder of her ex-fiancee and can't help but wonder if it is connected to a favor she asked of him to help identify the identity of a set of bones found in the Philippines.  Both the FBI and Gage are looking for Kelsey.  He finds her and they go on the run trying to discover the mystery of the murder only to be tangled up in a larger terrorist plot.  

This story is a tightly woven romantic suspense and arguably Laura Griffin's best in her Tracer's series.  The suspense is taut and the actions scenes rival any written for Jason Bourne.  If I have any critique, it is that the romance part takes more time to develop.  After being 43% into the story, there is still no action between the characters. However, when the interaction between Kelsey and Gage does start, it sizzles.  The chemistry between the two character is steamy. I love second time around stories.  It helps alleviate the "huh?" of a insta-love and the issues facing the two are deeper than "does he/she like me or not?"  

If you are a Laura Griffin fan, you will love this book.  If you haven't read Laura Griffin before, what are you waiting for? Scorched is a great place to start.

ARC courtesy of Simon & Schuster via Edelweiss

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