Thursday, May 30, 2013

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Exposed" by Laura Griffin

With the click of her camera, Maddie Callahan inadvertently added herself to the hit list of a criminal mastermind the FBI’s been investigating for months. Agent Brian Beckmann is determined to protect the sexy photographer, but she may be his only lead.

As a forensic photographer, Maddie is used to seeing violence up close, but she’s never before been a target. When a freelance photo shoot goes awry, she realizes she may have seen, and perhaps photographed, the kidnapping of a key witness in a federal probe. And although her camera was stolen, Maddie has something that could be even more valuable to investigators. With the help of her colleagues at the Tracers crime lab, Maddie uncovers DNA evidence that provides a desperately needed break in the case.

Although Brian is reluctant to involve Maddie, she’s determined to help with the investigation and the two set out to track a vicious criminal known as The Doctor, whose far-reaching violence has led to multiple deaths. But as the task force gets closer to catching the deadly Doctor, Maddie is in more danger than ever.

There is a certain kind of straightforwardness to Laura Griffin's writing. As reader, you know you will be entertained by her books even if they are not overly complicated. 

Maddie Callahan is just surviving.  After a tragedy in her past, she is hunkering down and "getting through it" by burying herself in work and not getting involved with anything or anyone.  Brian Beckman is a younger FBI Agent on the biggest case of his life, losing an important witness to the activities of a infamous criminal while protecting her.  As they cross paths, their relationship builds and lights up.  I like the chemistry of characters.  It simmers along. This is not a book about a flaming inferno of emotions, but because of Maddie's reservations, it's a slow, steady build.  

The topic is contemporary and interesting.  Laura Griffin's books in her Tracer series are like episodes of Bones - educational, fascinating, and relevant. I appreciate her understanding of little law enforcement nuances such as "...hearing about it rekindled a deep rooted fear that every first responder had and no one wanted to talk about.  Everyone dreaded the prospect of being summoned to a scene to help a victim and then become one." With small insights like this, she gives us a greater awareness and appreciation for first responders which add context and credibility to her stories.  She understands her audience and really delivers.

If you like Laura Griffin's series, you will not be disappointed.  

Thank you to Pocket Books and Edelweiss for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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