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SUNNY: BLOG TOUR, GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY - "Where the Four Winds Collide" by Hildie McQueen

to the blog tour for Where Four Winds Collide.  Join us for a Guest Post from Hildie McQueen and a Giveaway by the author!

LAe-R:  Tell us about the research you had to do for this story, in particular about cowboys. What does it entail? Did you use inspirational visuals?

Hello Love Affair Readers!  Excited to visit today and spend time with y’all.  Yep I’m from the south and I say “y’all”.

I have to point out that Where the Four Winds Collide is my first Western Historical, so I have to admit that I spent way too much time doing research.  Being that I love history, it was easy for me to get lost for hours at a time just reading about experiences of Mail Order Brides, Stagecoach travel, Cattle drives, etc.

Sometimes I was shocked to learn how hard people really did have it back then.  My admiration grew for those that were brave enough to venture west, these folks were sturdy stock.

Cowboys were fun research for the most part, I love a man in denim, don’t you?  Let me tell you these men were truly amazing. They lived outdoors for months on end, sleeping under the stars with only a blanket roll for comfort.  They played guitars, sang together and cooked together.  Only on returning from a cattle drive or on certain days off did they meander into town, after a dip in the river to find company (If you know what I mean) and some whiskey or beer.

I want to share what I sue for inspiration, I have a small board on which I print and tape up pictures of a images and muses for my hero and heroine and other little things that influence my thoughts of Texas in the 1800s.

It works so well that I’m going to make a board for every story that I write from now on.

Happy Trails y’all!

Yes, I know there's a naked guy, it's research of how they bathed in the river, just research (winky wink)

Meet the Author

Hildie McQueen loves storytelling and unusual settings, pair that with humor and you’ve got an idea of what her writing is like.

She makes sure action, intrigue, and sizzling romance add up to a story, her readers won’t soon forget.  Her favorite past-times are traveling, shopping and reading. She resides in beautiful small town Georgia with her super-hero husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.

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Book Blurb

Adeline Buckley escapes her abusive father only to find herself in a brothel, on a stagecoach to the untamed west and married to a stranger, all in that order. Plotting another escape becomes harder, the more she gets to know her new husband. 

Jackson Pruitt didn’t expect a secretive mail order bride to show up the same week cattle wrestlers absconded with a large part of his herd. The bigger surprise was the loveliness of the woman. Why would a beauty like her need to travel so far to marry? 

Jackson and Adeline learn that secrets and marriage do not go hand-in-hand when both of their pasts comes knocking and both have to come to grips with the reality, that sometimes trust comes only after you lose it all.

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