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A Loveswept Contemporary Romance
By Serena Bell
On sale: November 11, 2013

Today we are joined by Serena Bell for a Guest Post spotlighting her debut, Yours to Keep.  Enjoy, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Good morning. I'm very excited to be visiting Love Affair With An E-Reader this morning as part of my Yours to Keep blog tour. Yours to Keep is the story of Ana, a Dominican immigrant whose visa expired 20 years earlier as a result of a mistake her parents made, and Ethan, a widowed pediatrician with a balky, sometimes sulky, but often charming teenage son. Ana is determined to keep her dangerous situation secret, and Ethan is intent on getting to know his son's new Spanish teacher as thoroughly as possible.

Today I’m talking about Ana's reading list. Unlike Ethan, who keeps his to-be-read-stack neatly lined up on his night table, Ana leave books lying everywhere and is always in the middle of at least two. She’s mid-way through Loving Frank by Nancy Horan, a fictional memoir of Frank Lloyd Wright’s scandalous lover, Mamah Cheney, and she’s fascinated by Mamah’s willingness to challenge conventional beliefs about women’s roles. Ana can’t wait to discuss the book in the book club she recently joined, led by her new friend, Rena Abrams.

Ana is also knee-deep in When I was Puerto Rican: a memoir by Esmeralda Santiago, a story about a Puerto Rican woman in America. Santiago’s story echo’s Ana’s own and makes her feel less alone.

As soon as she finishes one of those two books, she’ll pick up the novel In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. In the Time of the Butterflies, the re-imagined story of four revolutionary sisters fighting to unseat the Dominican Republic’s dictator Trujillo in the 60s, was a Christmas gift from Ana’s sister Cara. When Ana unwrapped it, she started to cry, because it was so exactly right for her. Cara knew that Ana has been feeling bad about how little she knows about her country of origin. When Ana started to cry, Cara enfolded her in a big, bubble-gum scented hug.

At the bottom of stack are textbooks for the two college-level courses Ana began recently, Modern English Poetry and Human Neuropsychology. The Modern English Poetry Textbook is an oversized red paperback packed with poems by the likes of Yeats and T.S. Eliot and Wallace Stevens. The neuropsychology book is humongous and daunting. Ana is fluent in two languages, but she’s pretty sure the textbook isn’t actually written in either of them. Still, she’s dead set on getting her bachelor’s degree in record time, and she’ll never see college as anything other than a welcome privilege.

And then there’s Ana’s guilty pleasure—romance. Some day, if she’s feeling brave, she’ll confess to her friend Rena how much she loves a really good historical. Like Cecilia Grant’s A Woman Entangled, or Theresa Romain’s Season for Scandal. (And if she does, she might just find out that Rena also has quite a few romance novels tossed under her bed.)

What’s on your reading list right now? Do you have guilty pleasures? Do your friends know about them?

Ana Travares has been looking over her shoulder her whole life. Her U.S. visa expired when she
was a young girl, and if her secret is discovered, she’ll be forced to return to the Dominican Republic. Ana allowed herself to get close to someone once before—and after he broke her heart, she swore never to make the same mistake again. But when a handsome doctor asks for her assistance, she fantasizes about breaking all her rules.

Even though pediatrician Ethan Hansen is a natural when it comes to little kids, as the single father of a teenage son he just can’t seem to get it right . . . except for the Spanish tutor he’s hired for his son, Theo. Ana has managed to crack Theo’s shell—and he isn’t the only one taken with her. The sexy tutor has fired up Ethan with a potent mix of lust and protectiveness. But as he starts to envision a future with Ana, Ethan is devastated to learn the truth about her citizenship. Somehow he’s got to find a way to help her—and hold on to the woman he’s falling hopelessly in love with.
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Serena Bell writes stories about how sex messes with your head, why smart people do stupidthings sometimes, and how love can make it all better. She wrote her first steamy romance before she was old enough to understand what all the words meant and has been perfecting the art of hiding pages and screens from curious eyes ever since—a skill that’s particularly useful now that she’s the mother of two school-age children.

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