Monday, August 10, 2015

ARC Review: RAGE/KILLIAN by Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright



From New York Times Bestsellers, Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright, the heat of the bayou is back with Rage/Killian in an all-new dual 'tail'. Enter the Wildlands, where a new, volatile danger threatens the sizzling hot Pantera.

Authors Ivy and Wright could give lessons on how to write a satisfying novella.  These are short stories that do not read like short stories, but for the fact that they are, well, short. The narratives are involved and captivating with an emotionally satisfying pay off. They contribute well to the on-going story of the Pantera.  

In Rage, this Hunter is assigned to find and bring back an outcast from the pack. Rage the resident lover boy.  He adores women and they love him back.  Lucie grew up on the fringes of Pantera society, an outlier who was outcast for breaking the rules for outlaw hacking, a “Computer geek who has a reputation for being a psycho bitch.” Now the Pantera need her back for her hacking expertise.  

This is my favorite kind of couple.  A male who knows how to woo a woman and who is unexpectedly brought down by that special woman.  For Lucie, it is a dream-come-true. This is the male she has had a crush on since she was a girl.  She has been misunderstood for most of her life and she didn’t expect this to happen.  Starting as an opposites attract and morphing into a ying and yang story, I like the complimentary nature of our couple. They have a common purpose to bring down the perpetrators who are experimenting on the Pantera and humans.  It is an exciting story with action, suspense, and a lot of sexual chemistry.  

Killian is a human who has unknowingly been used as a guinea pig.  A special ops warrior seeking help for his PTSD, he is funneled into a program in which he is injected with Pantera DNA.  He is the manifestation of the Pantera’s greatest fear, the super soldier. 

Rosalie lost her mate during an attempt to escape from the clutches of Locke’s lab. She is angry, bitter, and hurting.  The last thing she expected is to feel an attraction for this human.  

He helps her overcome her grief and move on.  She helps him transition to his new life. It’s a simple story, but one really well told.  

Rage/Killian are two infinitely readable short narratives that advance the bigger story arc. There is an on-going threat to the Pantera.  Neither humans or Pantera are safe.  What is next?  

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