Monday, August 31, 2015

ARC Review: BONDED by Laura Wright

by Laura Wright

Ranch hand Blue Perez’s once simple life is spinning out of control. He’s discovered he has three half-brothers, and they’re not ready to accept his claim on the ranch. Also, Blue’s girlfriend may have betrayed him in the worst way possible. And after one evening of drowning his sorrows at the bar, there’s someone he can’t get out of his mind, a woman who says she’s carrying his child.

Following a night of breathtaking passion in the arms of the man she’s longed for all her life, waitress Emily Shiver is contemplating her next step. With everything that’s going on in Blue’s life, she doesn’t want to force him into fatherhood. Yet as hard hearted as he may seem, Blue can’t turn his back on her, particularly when she becomes the target of someone’s dark obsession.... 

Bonded presents the conclusion to a 4 book mystery on who killed Cassie Cavanaugh.  This last book is a little light on the mystery.  The evidence to the conclusion has already been introduced in book 3.  Bonded largely focuses on the last and illegitimate brother, Blue Perez Cavanaugh.  After growing up on the ranch under the tutelage of Everett Cavanaugh, Blue’s life is turned off his rocker when he learns that he is the bastard son of the late patriarch of the Cavanaugh family.  He is angry and hurt.  Moreover, he obstinately holds on to his feeling of betrayal.  Although I can understand his upset, his life has been up ended.  However, his grudge is overlong and I am especially disappointed on how he treats his mother. 

Emily is a waitress at a local bar.  She is saving her money to purchase her first business, a floral shop.  Emily is a self-made woman.  Grown and cultivated in a nurturing home supported by love.  One night changes their lives and puts them on a course of discovery and connection. 

In the end, it is easy to believe that Blue is willing to pull himself out of self-pity and do what is right.  This situation gives him the opportunity to go beyond himself and climb out of his self-pity.  I like the chemistry between the two characters.  They are both strong-willed and stubborn. They both have a tremendous moral compass and are willing to pay to the price to live up to their values. 

The author also introduces us to strong secondary characters, Emily’s brothers Steven and Jeremy Shiver.  Steven is a deputy for the local sheriff’s department and plays a crucial role, and has a noted presence.  He has enough stature to be featured in future stories.  I’ll be curious to see of Laura Wright will continue in the Cavanaugh world.


Laura Wright began this series with a curious mystery that brings together a fractured family. Each book contributed a new angle, a new edge to the overall story arc.  This book is an exclamation point in conclusion.   

Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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