Monday, March 2, 2015

Release Day ARC Review: "Brash" by Laura Wright

by Laura Wright
Cavanaugh Brothers series, Book 3

No matter how many fights UFC champion Cole Cavanaugh wins, he can’t rid himself of the guilt of not having saved his twin sister’s life. Now, not only is he facing his arch enemy in the ring, he’s fighting to uncover the truth about Cass’s death. But will winning both fights truly give him the retribution and absolution he seeks? Or does he need the healing power of love to finally move on with his life?

The mystery surrounding Cass’s murder also haunts veterinarian Grace Hunter. Many believe that her father might hold the key to the truth. Unfortunately the ex-Sheriff’s deteriorating mental state makes it impossible to separate fact from fiction. As Cole persuades Grace to help him unlock the elusive clues, her defenses weaken. She finds the Stetson-wearing fighter irresistible. But while the truth could free Cole’s heart, it could very well end up shattering hers.

The best part of the series is the on-going mystery of who killed Cassie Cavanaugh.  This latest installment focuses on the story of the third Cavanaugh brother, Cole, and Grace Hunter.  Cole is the most haunted by the death of his twin.  He tries to assuage his guilt for not being there to protect Cass by becoming a Ultimate Fighter.  It has given him a purpose.  Cole gets an unexpected ally in the search for his sister’s killer by way of Dr. Grace Hunter.  She is the local vet, but more importantly she is the daughter of the former Sheriff who originally investigated the murder. He knows something, but is in not mental state to share.  Grace is petrified that the investigation will taint her father’s name. In previous books, she has been reluctant to help the brothers, but is now willing to partner with them if only to discover her father’s role in the whole affair. Now as the investigation heats up, we get some new revelations and some serious twists and turns in the story.

Of the three books, I liked the relationship aspect of this book the best.  All three brothers have been broken and tortured by the memory of what happened to their younger sister and they have each been partnered with strong, accomplished women – the fierce forewoman, Mac; the savvy business woman, Sheridan; and now veterinarian, Grace.  But for me, this relationship has the most chemistry of all three.  It’s more of a slow build based on small interactions and minor choices that nurtures the relationship.  It helps having him live on her property, but that is the starting point to turn around the awkwardness left behind from former confrontations in the previous books.  He’s a big, bad UFC champion who is used to intimidating, but allows her to see his vulnerabilities.  She is sweet to his spice. I enjoyed the evolution of this relationship very much.


Brash is a fantastic addition.  I would consider it the best of the series yet.

Thank you to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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