Monday, September 9, 2013

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Dangerous' by JAX, aka Jacquelyn Frank


A body that won't quit
Clothes that are barely there
Eyes that openly invite him to take what he wants

Devon Candler is nothing like the helpless, vulnerable woman Liam expected when he agreed to provide security for her secluded Catskill Mountain estate. Yet her life is at risk. Her enemies monsters. Her secrets devastating.

Liam Nash is a trained killer who takes no prisoners, fears no man. But to him this woman is seductively, devastatingly. . .


Ever the professional, security specialist and co-owner of NHK, Liam Nash is the consummate soldier:  "Considered a deadly weapon even if he were stripped naked, Liam had always taken his responsibility to exercise caution and discrimination very seriously." Yup, straight arrow doesn't begin to describe our man, Liam, until this new assignment totally takes him off his game. Devon, is a scientist,an inventor, an enigma, and a total temptation.   She also holds the key to equalizing the great threat to human kind, the Morphate.  

This story is intense as much from the suspense of the narrative as from the tight sexual tension. From the beginning, we are alerted that human hubris has again developed a tool for its own destruction. Luckily, Devon Candler, the recluse millionaire has a weapon that can balance the odds.  The backstory about why Dr. Candler gets involved adds an interesting layer.  There is a comment here about using weapons of destruction as a deterrent to  war.  

It's been awhile since I have read a Jacquelyn Frank book.  I forgot how completely and keenly the hero gets involved with the heroine, and this story is no different.  There is plenty of sizzling chemistry between Liam and Devon and it gets stronger and stronger as the story develops.  As he states: 

"the way I react to feels like the first time.  That keen, beautiful feeling of first getting to be with a lover.  There's nothing about you that doesn't fascinate me. Thrill me."

Their mutual obsession leads them to some minor "stupid" moments, but in the light of the darkness and stress around them, I give them a pass.  

Although, it is currently a standalone,this book reads like it could be the beginning of a series and I sincerely hope it is. There are interesting characters and lots of potential storylines.  I'm invested!  More, please!

An intense and involving book, I recommend it for the interesting premise and it's all consuming love story. 

Thank you to the author, Kensington Books, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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