Monday, April 22, 2013

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW - "Eye of the Storm" by Monette Michaels

This is a re-read from June 2012.  The review remains the same.

Keely Walsh has three doctorates, five older brothers and has never met a situation she couldn't handle. While consulting with the NSA, she discovers sensitive government information indicating her brother, a private security operative, is in danger. Keely travels to the dangerous Triple Frontier in South America to warn him and his colleagues and finds the last thing she expects--a man who sends icy shivers down her spine even as he lights every one of her fires.

Ren Maddox, co-owner of Security Specialists International, a security firm that works for large corporations and governments, is on an intelligence-gathering mission for the US government when a petite strawberry blonde armed with a Bren Ten and an attitude ten feet tall pops out of the Argentine jungle with a warning of imminent danger. The fact she is one hundred percent correct shocks him to his socks. The fact she is Tweeter Walsh's baby sister and can fight like the fiercest Marine is beside the point. No one who looks like Keely should ever be in danger. And once he gets her out of the current situation, he’ll make it his life's work to protect the feisty, sexy, little woman from any and all danger.

One alpha male. One determined and independent female. One hot, tumultuous relationship.

This is definitely a place for these kinds of books. The kind of books where the reader is required to suspend all sorts of reality (or stretch it really far) in order to get to the story. Keely Walsh is a 21 year old, double Ph.D., working for MIT. She is the only girl in her family, with 5 older brothers, all of whom are uber alpha males (father is Colonel, brothers are Navy Seals and Marines). Growing up in this household, Keely was trained to defend herself. Furthermore if it is to be believed, she shadowed Navy Seals candidates during their BUDS training making it until the final days (and would have finished if she hadn't had to rescue one of the trainees at the end) AND has attended the Army Sniper School. Okay.

Her work with MIT includes a contract with the DOD and she discovers that her brother who works for Security Specialists International, headed by the Maddox Brothers, is walking into a ambush. She hightails it down to South America, journeys through the dense jungle with her handydandy GPS while subduing and tying up some bad guys that get in her way and makes it to the tiny town to warn her brother. Okay.

She meets her brother, Ren Maddox, and another SSI specialist and they escape relatively unscathed. Did I mention that prior to flying down to South America she was kidnapped, taken to a warehouse, assaulted, AND managed to escape by killing two of the four kidnappers?

During this whole ordeal, Ren - who is apparently never had ANY interest in having a long term relationship with ANY woman, is struck by lightening and falls head-over-heals in love with Keely after seeing her subdue a baddy at the ambush site and help in the firefight (which includes getting rid of a live grenade!) OVERKILL!

Ren is possessive, controlling, territorial, overbearing and overprotective. All the qualities you know and love about an alpha male. But there is just not enough of the loving, tender, kind side in this story to really like Ren.

This book had all sorts of silliness that should have made me put it down, but in the end I found myself chuckling. It was fun watching Keely kick all sorts of butt against all sorts of bad guys. 

Just call it a stupid guilty pleasure, but not for everyone.

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