Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW "Santerra's Sin" by Donna Kauffman

Diego Santerra is a operative in a super secret government covert op organization known as Dell's Dirty Dozen. Santerra is tasked with the security of his boss' daughter while he testifies against a major Miami kingpin. The need for secrecy is high because she thinks her father is dead. Blue Delgado is a bar owner in a small town in New Mexico. She is a smart, spunky, wounded, sharp shooter who rides a Harley. As a reader, you can imagine the possibilities with this story. 

This book has great promise. The problem is that it falls flat in the execution. Some of the dialogue becomes a little too cheesy for the characters. 

"This is only the beginning, Blue. I promise you I'll work hard at being your husband as I've ever done anything else. I love you."

For a man who has only recently discovered that he had a heart, willing to dream of a future, and see himself as more than just an assassin, this type of statement does not ring true. Where did he find these words? 


Overall the story is good, although it lacks edginess. If you would like a nice, easy, escapist read and don't mind the cheese, this book might be for you. 

This book was provided courtesy of Netgalley.

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