Monday, December 14, 2015

ARC Review: LOVE: UNCIVILIZED by Sawyer Bennett

Love:  Uncivilized
by Sawyer Bennett
Uncivilized 1.5


How did things ever get to be so difficult?

Nearly eight years of marriage.
Two kids.
Hectic careers and major life choices.

Throw in sexual frustration, doubts, insecurities and one wild man not completely tamed by society, and you have a Christmas that’s bound to get out of control. Zacharias Easton will show you just how uncivilized love can be.

This book proves again that Sawyer Bennett is dynamic writer who knows how to traverse difficult emotional terrain with insight, compassion, and drama.  Love is the follow up novella to last year’s Uncivilized.  That book explored sexual boundaries in the context of bringing back a man raised in the Amazon jungle to civilized life.  The relationship between Moira and Zach was primal and edgy.  This book explores what happens during the Happily Ever After. 

There are so many truths in this novella.  Truth #1 – Marriage is hard.  Even this fairytale couple experiences drool-worthy, frustrating, disappointing and fearful moments.  There is one particular section in the book where I became so angry; I literally cursed Zach with a four-letter word.  Zach and Moira’s love is so beautiful because of its purity.  They are so forthcoming with each other, no subterfuge.  However, even in the strongest marriages, fractures can occur. This book has painful moments because it is so real, moments of heartbreaking unease that makes your stomach dip because you realize that something so seemingly solid may not make it. 

Truth #2: Couples must remain vigilant against erosion.  Erosion in a relationship is insidious.  Mistrust sneaks in and nibbles away at confidence, openness, and benefit of the doubt in a marriage.  The issues they deal with are authentic and scary because the troubles are so normal. 

Truth #3: Couples must have the courage to communicate. The only way to overcome obstacle is be truthful with one another.  And I love the fact that Zach and Moira accept nothing less.  Whew!


Sawyer Bennett hits a vulnerable spot with this book.  Zach and Moira deserve a revisit. I highly recommend this story.

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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