Monday, November 16, 2015

ARC Review: Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Edge 
by Rebecca Zanetti
Book 2 in the Realm Enforcers series

About the Book: 
Daire Dunne is more than ready to take a quick break from his duties as a Coven Nine Enforcer. When he spots a sexy blonde across a Titan’s of Fire party, it’s not long before she’s on the back of his Harley on the fast track to his apartment. Unfortunately, one overheated kiss in, the woman drugs Daire and steals valuable files that can’t fall into enemy hands. The second he comes to, the hunt is on...

Now that Cee Cee has the information to take down an enemy that destroyed her family, she can implement her perfect plan for revenge. Nothing will stop her, not even a shockingly sexy enforcer barging into her life. Not even the spectacular, fire-branding sex engulfing them. But if Daire ever figures out who her family really is, all bets are off...

One of my favorite storylines is when an attractive, petite woman is underestimated and shocks the people around her with her smarts and kick-ass skills.  Yea, I get a lot of satisfaction in that.  

Cee Cee has tricked Enforcer Daire Dunn out of information.  With her delicate, feminine looks, she catches his attention and drugs him for the data.  She wants to find the people who are mining planekite, the mineral from which lethal weapons are being made.  Daire catches up with her and manages to insinuate himself into her plans.  Also, he proves that the spark between them originally is not manipulated but real. 

I really like Daire Dunn’s character.  He is a bit of a curmudgeon that needs to be coaxed into love. I enjoy his reluctance and ultimately, his surrender.    I also like that Cee Cee is an enigma throughout the book.  First, she is a spy seducing Daire out of information, then another layer comes off when she reveals what she is. Finally, there is another little revelation when she discloses who she is. 

This book is filled with action and adventure including a visit to the northern tundra and a gruesome attack from polar bears.  It is a race to get information and stop the planekite exportation. If the planekite continues to be mined the paranormal creatures with be in peril.  The villain has a personal vendetta against Cee Cee that gives him extra motivation to bring her to heel. There are a lot of details and cross over information from the Dark Protectors story.  Having not read that series, there are times where the story gets a little confusing without that connection.  I’d still say this is a standalone book, but I think it would be measurably more satisfying if I had read the previous series. 

This particular book has even less to do with the MC world than the previous one.  It’s not so much an MC book as it is a PNR with characters riding motorcycles.  But still, it is a adventurous read. 

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