Sunday, July 26, 2015

ARC Review: SEAL WOLF HUNTING by Terry Spear

SEAL Wolf Hunting
by Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf series, Book #16 

Paul Cunningham is one of the only bachelors left on the SEAL wolf team, and he's less than thrilled to hear he's been volunteered for a local charity bachelor auction.

Lori Greypaw suspected that her grandmother would use the auction as an opportunity to fix her up. So she's not surprised when she "buys" Paul to help Lori renovate her mountain cabin for a week. Lori's had a crush on the sexy SEAL wolf for years, but he proves to be handy with more than a hammer when two fugitives come knocking and he'll do anything to protect the woman he's falling for...

SEAL Wolf Hunting is book 16 in the Heart of the Wolf series and my first book by this author.  I found this book to be entertaining, if a bit uneven. At its foundation, there is a good storyline.  Paul is a member of an elite covert security company made up of SEAL shifters.  He loves his work.  He is also a member of a pack in his hometown, one of only two male wolves.  His parents were the leaders of the pack before they were killed and he is in line to take over the alpha leader role.  So far, he has not taken up the mantel. He is now home for a little R&R and gets roped into a “honey-do” bachelor auction.  But being home also means being close to Lori Greypaw, the woman who makes him think about more than his work with his teammates. 

In the field of shifter stories, this is nice read.  Interesting elements such as the recovery of bones buried in the lake, and Native American art and culture pepper the story. However, the narrative is uneven.  Pacing is a problem.  The romance takes way too long to establish, especially since Paul and Lori already know one another.  On the other hand, the suspense/mystery is rushed and resolved too quickly.  Repetitive phrasing and words make the story feel clunky.  The term “SEAL” itself is used 82 times.  Additionally, dated phrases from the 80’s such as and “enjoying each other to the max” bring a chuckle and seems out of place in this very contemporary story.  


Although the story has lots of potential, there are many other shifter series that are faster paced.  I would probably put this in the middle of a PNR TBR list.  Something enjoyable, if not overly exciting.      

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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