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SUNNY - ARC REVIEW: "Lethal Consequences by Elisabeth Naughton

Lethal Consequences 
by Elisabeth Naughton

Three months after rescuing Olivia Wolfe from danger, Aegis Security operative Landon Miller still can’t stop thinking about her, even though she’s off-limits in every way possible. Knowing he’s leaving Aegis and returning to the DIA soon, Landon decides it’s time for their flirty online relationship to end. But Olivia can’t stop thinking about Landon, either. On a whim, she takes a leave of absence from her teaching job to surprise him in Barcelona—and arrives to find a sexy redhead in his hotel room.

Things aren’t always what they seem, though. Landon’s would-be one-night stand is really a member of the Red Brotherhood, a terrorist group targeting Landon for information on a lethal bioweapon. And now Olivia is unwittingly ensnared in their deadly plot, too. Forget escaping emotionally unscathed; Olivia just wants to make it home alive. Yet to survive, she’ll have to put her trust in the very man who not only broke her heart, but whose lies now threaten both their lives.

In the second book in bestselling author Elisabeth Naughton’s popular Aegis series, heart-pounding suspense stirs up deliciously sizzling romance.

Landon Miller is a contract worker for Aegis Securities, but his real job is as an agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency.  He is in essence an assassin.  I don’t begin to know how that kind of work impacts a person’s psyche, but for Landon it makes him a well-honed weapon without remorse.  It is only when he meets and spends time with Olivia that his conscience also begins to grow and his vulnerabilities are revealed.  She makes him rethink this life: 

“…the way she made him feel, the person he was when he was with her – this was the right choice. She was worth fighting for. And he was willing to do anything to prove that to her. 

When Landon finally takes a leap of faith and falls for Olivia, you just want to pump your fist and say, “YES!!!”

Olivia Wolfe is a school teacher from Idaho. We first meet her in book 1 of the Aegis series, Extreme Measures, as Eve’s sister.  She is caught in the middle of a terrorist plot to steal and sell a biological weapon.  Through it all, her ability to overcome obstacles has caused her to also look at her own future trajectory.  Is there more to her life than teaching drama?  I’m thinking that there is a future story with this kernel. 

I often have reservations when I read books where the hero is in special ops and the heroine is a civilian.  Usually you find an imbalance of power and the women tend toward TSTL (too stupid to live) moments, and the need to be rescued.  This author does a wonderful job making Olivia strong on multi-levels.  She really holds her own against the assassins. 

This one hits the spot.  More, please.

Thank you to the publisher, author, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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