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SUNNY: BOOK REVEAL BLITZ "Reaver" by Larissa Ione

by Larissa Ione
December 17, 2013 
Grand Central Publishing Mass Market

Thank you for joining us for the book reveal blitz for Reaver by Larissa Ione.  We are excited to be helping to celebrate the release of book 5 in the Lords of Deliverance series.  Enjoy the post and our review and don't forget to sign up for the Giveaway. 

Reaver is an angel with a past, a record, and a less-than-heavenly attitude. Powerful enough to fight alongside the fiercest battle angels-and crazy enough to risk his wings on a one-way mission to hell-he's agreed to go where no angel has ever gone before . . . to steal the most seductive and dangerous prize of Satan himself.

Harvester is one of the Fallen, a once-heroic angel who sacrificed her wings to work as an undercover agent in hell. But now her cover has been blown, and she's doomed to an eternity of agonizing torture. Even if Reaver can snatch her away from Satan's lair, even if they can fight their way out of the underworld's darkest depths, there is one thing Harvester can never escape-her newfound thirst for an angel's blood. . .

Reaver is book 5 in the Lords of Deliverance (LOD) series and a continuation of the Demonica series.  I'm still a newbie to Demonica having only read book one,  Pleasure Unbound,  and none from LOD.  I know some of my friends on Goodreads are gasping that I am reading this story out of series order, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Therefore, this review is from the perspective of someone who has willing 
"dropped into" the series.  Admittedly, it was a little difficult at first to get into the history.  There are so many names and a lot of background information, but Ms. Ione does a wonderful job of bringing the reader up to speed. The summaries whet my appetite to seek out the other narratives.  

I would imagine it is not easy to create larger-than-life characters and not come off as too cartoonish.  Reaver is a bad-boy, always breaking the rules and thumbing his nose at the archangels.  However, the way he is written makes him fully accessible - the way he is driven by a hidden purpose of which he doesn't fully understand, his courage to face unbelievable odds, his willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, and his commitment to get back the eternal love that he lost.  Yup, he's kinda dreamy.

Harvester is no meek fallen angel.  The descriptions of her torture are pretty gruesome, but the courage to face each demented punishment from Satan is admirable.  I like that she has a lot of spunk and a bit of naughtiness in her.  The evolution of Reaver and Harvester's relationship feels like a culmination (well, they are separated for 5,000 years). 

The story is well conceived and fast paced.  There is no room to get bored.  Larissa Ione has a clearly developed world and her imagination is creative.  You'll find fun, fear, suspense, and romance.  In some ways, it reminds me little of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward.  There are big characters with big personalities, lusty stories with humor, and includes a dash of contemporary references (the references of the Horsemen texting and Reaver 2.0 made me smile.)  I loved it.  

I am absolutely thrilled I had the opportunity to read this book. I am dashing to the bookstore (well, actually Amazon) to pick up book 2 and look forward working my way up to this book

Thank you to the author and Grand Central Publishing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.  

A former meteorologist and EMT, Air Force veteran Larissa Ione now gets her daily dose of excitement from vampires, werewolves, demons, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. She lives in wintery Wisconsin with her U.S. Coast Guard husband, her teenage son, a rescue cat, and her hellhound, a King Shepherd named Hexe.





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