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SUSAN: AUTHOR INTERVIEW - Connect Four w/ N.R. Walker

**Connect Four is a new series of author interviews. Four quick questions to dig deeper with some of our favorite writers.** 

N.R. Walker is the author of M/M favorites "Point of No Return", "Taxis and TARDIS", "Sixty Five Hours", "Blind Faith", and the newly released follow up "Through These Eyes". 

First off, welcome to “Love Affair With An e-Reader”!  I’ve read all your books and I’m a HUGE fan!

NR: Aw, thank you!  And thanks for having me.  I'm excited to be here!

(Oh...and also a BIG, BIG fan of your tumblr. The hottest, sweetest M/M pics out there!)

Ok...on to our 4 questions: 

1.  For me personally, the Blind Faith series happens to be my favorite!  Any favorite books/stories/characters that hold a special place in your heart?

NR:  I don't read as much as I should. I find other people's characters mess with mine in my head, so I tend to only read between writing, which for me is kind of rare because I'm, well, always writing. ;) Personally, I prefer characters written in first person, because I feel more of an emotional connection with them.  I find I'm absorbed by characters as I read them, and travel their journey along with them so I can honestly say I love whatever characters I'm reading.   It's the same with my writing. I get so absorbed by the characters I'm writing at that time, that I think "these are my favourite characters EVER" but then I probably think that with every book I write. LOL

2.  You are (thank goodness!) what I call the “Princess of the HEA”.  :)  In books you read (rather than write!), do you lean towards feel-good romances or do you run in the opposite direction?

NR: OMG yes! I'm all about the fluff and unicorns and a cavity-inducing HEA. LOL  I can't read heartfail, and I avoid angst for angst's sake. I know I've written some angst in my time, but I like to resolve it quickly, and there will always be a HEA in all romance I write. 

...and THIS is why I heart your books! :)

3.  You’ve recently had some problems with a previous publisher (thank goodness it all worked itself out!!!!). How do you stay focused on writing when real-life drama surrounds you?

NR:  My RL is hectic.  Even on a good day, it's still busy. I have two primary school aged kids, who have some form of sport or activity five or six days a week, plus I work full time. I find my writing time is usually from about 10pm to midnight. Oh, and we're building a new house at the moment as well...  so yes, added publishing stress almost did my head in.

Writing is the only me-time thing I do.  I love it, even when I'm swearing at characters who won't do what they're told, or banging my head on my desk, I still love it. There have been times when I've questioned my sanity for getting into writing for publication, and even times when I wished I never did, but taking some control back in self-publishing two books has really helped.  My other books have been picked up by Total e-Bound, so hopefully they'll be re-released this year some time which is also a huge relief.

We were all rooting for you through the drama! Glad it all worked out and you got picked up. Smart move, Total e-Bound!

4.  So...what’s next up for you?

NR: My current WIP is the third installment of a three-part series, titled The Thomas Elkin Series.  Each story is 30,000 words, and I absolutely adore these characters. Thomas Elkin is an established architect in NYC and came out as gay before his 40th birthday. Four years later, he meets Cooper Jones, an old school friend of his son.  Tom is 44 years old, Cooper is 22.  And I think I can say, Cooper is one of my favourite characters I've ever written.

In saying that, the book that will more than likely be released next will be the third installment of Blind Faith. Mark, Carter's best friend, will be getting his own story!   I haven't written it yet, but I'll be self-publishing it, so there won't be any extended waiting times. :)    As it's not written yet, there's not much I can say about it, but Mark is about to slam head first into love.  Poor guy, won't have a clue what hit him.  LOL

Mark is a hoot! Can't wait! And Cooper...bring him on!

N.R...thanks so much for stopping by and CONNECTING!

NR: Thank you for having me!

And there you have it!  Make sure to pick up N.R. Walker's books at Total e-Bound Publishing

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  1. Great interview SQ, and I learned good things too. I didn't know Taxes and Tardis was writting by N.R. *hangs head

    Now that I do though, I'm really motivated to get to it :)