Sunday, November 25, 2012

SUNNY: BOOK REVIEW - "Exquisite" by Ella Frank

Dr. Lena O'Donnell
Mason Langley

Dr. Lena O'Donnell is a workaholic.  Why does she work so much? It is easier to be distracted by work, to help cover up the hurt than to feel the guilt and loss of losing a loved one.  It is easier to build a wall and guard your heart than let someone in and expect them to leave you. 

Mason Langley comes from a warm, loving, giving, and expressive family.  So it is no surprise that he chooses to express his love and joy through cooking.  He is the hot, chef/owner of Exquisite - the hottest new restaurant in Chicago.  While doing a favor for his mom, he runs into the Ice Queen - Lena.  And although experiencing a little frost bite himself, he is intrigued by her warmth and love for her pediatric patients. 

Who doesn't love a man who has the tenacity to breakthrough the guarded heart of a broken woman? Mason takes a lot of hits from the quick tempered, smart mouth, guarded Lena.  In all the ways we guard our own hearts, maybe we all see a little of ourselves in Lena.  And that's what makes Mason such as dream man.  It first starts with intrigue, but blossoms into full on attraction, passion, then appreciation and love.   

As the story surely goes, Mason is not perfect and doesn't deal with tragedy well either.  But this is a story about risk, tenacity and persistence and true love.  (And it doesn't hurt to have one of the steamiest No-Touching shower scenes ever written).

As much as I really enjoyed this book, it took me awhile to see the special nature of the story.  I only fully understood how much I liked this story when I experienced an inordinate amount of joy hearing of it's sequel!

I was moved.  I was brought to tears. I was satisfied. A highly recommended contemporary romance.

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